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50% of profit is donated to the unfortunate dogs’ welfare in a third world country.

Handmade products to support poverty in a third world country.

My Story

Hi, I’m Jack – it’s nice to meet you.
I know what you’re thinking; I’m pretty cute. Yes, a big, bounding cream pooch with the floppy ears and a spot dead centre on top of my head. I met mum and dad when I was just a puppy – even they couldn’t deny my looks. I’m pretty playful, that why I was a perfect fit for Rosie, their other dog and my best friend. She is a sharpei x labrador and very pretty. I loved her as soon as we met; we are inseparable and she plays a lot with me.

I told that I am a sharpei x mastiff but mum and dad seem to think that I might be mixed with something else, like a rare white rhino as I grew probably bigger than expected. I overtook Rosie and soon enough I would be recognised as the barrel dog. Why you ask? Well – it’s kinda funny! You see, I have a very round body and skinny legs with a big head. That’s okay though – I’m a breed of my own… and still cute.

I guess the only downside of being so round was when it came time for walkies, I couldn’t always go. Mum and Dad would try and find a collar and harness for me – but would come home empty handed because nothing would fit. They would sniff everywhere, even on the woof-ternet and nothing would match me.

But that’s okay ‘cause..

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes so, thanks to me – mum and dad wanted to dedicate their time to honouring all the big, oversized dogs out there, like me – Jack, the original Elephant Dog. Products to fit your lady or mate – Made with love for Giants.

🐶 Jack
Founder & CEO
The Elephant Dog

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